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In this modern world, Information Technology is more important than ever. A business must maintain an effective, working IT network. Some larger companies have their own internal IT departments. Unfortunately, for small and medium-sized businesses, that just isn’t an option.

That’s where we can help. For a very affordable monthly price, we can essentially become your IT department, giving you and your team instant access to a wide roster of experts with varied skills.

Every one of our tiered managed IT service plans includes unlimited support around the clock. Whether you prefer phone, chat, or email, our experts are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t let your IT problems distract you from your business goals. Let us handle them so you can focus on what’s important.

Brooklyn‘s Leading Managed IT Service Provider

There are plenty of companies out there that offer the services we provide, but not the care and dedication. We specifically target smaller businesses because we want to help you expand. And that’s why we keep our prices so reasonable. We understand passion because we’re passionate ourselves.

We want you to achieve your business goals and you can’t do that if you’re worried about your IT network. We want to lift that burden off you. Not only can we help solve all of your IT problems, but also we take a proactive approach to IT maintenance so we can prevent problems before they happen. Our strategy is to actively monitor, maintain, and manage all network, server, and desktop systems with the goal of maintaining almost 100% uptime.

Another benefit of our proactive approach is that it makes it easier to communicate how much our services cost. When companies charge according to the problems that they address, you risk being hit with surprise charges for unexpected repairs. By maintaining steady management of your IT systems, we can quote you a constant, predictable fee.

Need Any IT Support for your Brooklyn Business? We are here for you.

Our tech support keeps your Brooklyn business technology running smoothly, operating safely, and efficiently.

Benefits of our Tech Support and IT Services in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Cloud Computing

From laptops & workstations to printers and mobile devices, we’ll give you one number to call anytime things go down. We’ll get your team back to business, so you can focus on growing your business.

Customized Support Options

Don’t get stuck picking between fixed price contracts that don’t fit your needs. We’ll deploy a solution that’s fully customized to your business needs. Whether it’s 24/7/365 help or another customized solution

Comprehensive Reporting

When you call our helpdesk, every event is tracked and reported in a comprehensive dashboard. You’ll see detailed information about the problems impacting your team, and how we solved it.

Software Support Helpdesk

Your business runs on more software than you’d probably care to admit. When software issues strike and systems go down, our helpdesk team is available to help 24/7.

24/7/365 Remote Support

Whether you need help filling gaps on evenings and weekends, or coverage all year – our IT helpdesk service desk support teams are available when you need them.

Microsoft Office Suite Support

Whether it’s Office 365 support or custom upgrades, our expert team will meet and exceed your expectations.

Flat-Rate IT Support for Brooklyn Businesses

Proactive IT Services and Preventative Computer Security with a focus on Customer Service.

Unlike contractors that charge by the hour, we standby 24/7 to squash any problem that comes up, big or small, as soon as it comes up. As we said, we care about your business and your continued success, so you won’t have to seek us out when an issue arises. We’ll be on top of it from the start.

That permanent presence is vital because IT maintenance isn’t a straight line. IT needs and demands change frequently, and you want round-the-clock support so your company can adapt to these changing demands. We can address most things before they become an issue. On the other hand, if you wait until it becomes an issue to call in support, it’s going to end up costing not just more money, but more of your time.

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Onsite IT Consultants in Brooklyn New York

The help that we provide isn’t limited to remote support. We can also dispatch a team for on-site support if the situation calls for it. When it comes to IT, many things can be handled remotely, but if we can do a better job in person, we’ll do it.

Whether we’re dealing with cloud migration, cybersecurity, or hybrid cloud environments – you name it – we can handle it. We’re proud to employ a diverse team of varied talents and we firmly believe that we can handle any problem that you throw at us. We’re working for you and your success is our success.

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Cyber Security

Cyber threats are on the rise. We can minimize cyber threats with the right cybersecurity plan in place. Out Security assessment will keep us ahead of the bad guys.

Business Continuity

Having a contingency plan in case of a disaster will enable you to run your business. Recovery will be a breeze while we implement strong security.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Services has allowed us to work away from the office and keep our data stored safe and secured. IT cost has gone down tremendously when moving to the cloud.

VoIP Phone Services

Clear and reliable calling so your team can work seamlessly while in the office and on the road. VoIP features make doing business easy.

Managed IT Support

Regularly monitoring your network is the key to stay in business longer. My IT Company, a full managed IT service, covers your entire network as a whole.

Hardware & Software Support

With over 70 years of combined experience between all our staffs. We have seen it all. We can take on any Hardware and Software issues.

Since 2007

Providing quality and affordable IT support services in New York City and the tri-state area is our guaranteed commitment to you.


  • We provide convenient and cost effective technology solutions.
  • We build strong and lasting partnerships to ensure you grow.
  • We firmly believe in using industry best practices at all time
  • We save you money by doing it right the first time.

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