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What is Azure?

Essentially, Azure is a cloud computing platform with three types of cloud services; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). The three types of services are helpful for analytics, virtual computing, storage, and more. You can use it as a standalone service to cater to your storage, network, and computing needs to use it to supplement your in-house servers. 

Azure is the leading public cloud platform in the market. It’s fast, reliable, flexible, and affordable.

Azure Cloud Consulting by MyITcompany

We provide Azure Cloud Consulting Services to help you best use Azure’s services and benefit from them in every possible way. We recommend Azure because it supports several OS, programming languages, and frameworks. 

We have a team of Microsoft-certified consultants with specialized knowledge of Microsoft cloud technologies. They understand the technology behind Azure and how it benefits businesses.

Our Azure cloud consulting services help you every step of the way from implementation, support, training, and licensing needs. One of our prominent features is helping you incorporate security and compliance.

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Benefits of Azure Cloud


Azure has a wide range of services like VS Application Insights, VS Team services, and more. In addition, Azure offers on-demand storage to businesses in need of it. It’s a great way to deploy and test your application faster.


Microsoft has one of the best disaster recovery systems in place. Having data centers in every part of the world. Azure is the best when it comes to decentralized cloud infrastructure. You can create your disaster recovery plan, and Azure will implement it in the best way. In case of any disaster, you don’t experience any downtime. 


With Azure, you get the ease of scalability. Depending on your needs, Azure will dedicate more computing resources to your business. You can also scale down your business depending on the real-time metrics.


Microsoft Azure works on a pay-as-you-go plan as well, which makes it a highly cost-effective option. That means your IT budget is in complete control. You don’t need to build IT infrastructure, which saves a lot of money.


Microsoft Azure offers high redundancy and availability. It has data centers all over the world. That ensures data availability round the clock and 365 days a year. With less than 5 hours of downtime throughout the year, it has the maximum availability. 


Azure has security tools like Advanced Threat Analytics and Threat Intelligence. There’s another layer of security in the form of multi-factor Authorization that ensures access to authorized users only. With real-time monitoring, you get to know if your system is under any threat.

Why we recommend Microsoft Azure

We know staying ahead of your competitors is possible only when you have the right resources. Microsoft Azure is one such tool to help you stay ahead of them. 

The following reasons make Microsoft Azure a perfect cloud computing platform:

  • Move to the cloud with confidence
  • Experience the ultimate in performance
  • Simplify complex environments
  • Choose flexible pricing for your apps
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Cyber Security

Cyber threats are on the rise. We can minimize cyber threats with the right cybersecurity plan in place. Out Security assessment will keep us ahead of the bad guys.

Business Continuity

Having a contingency plan in case of a disaster will enable you to run your business. Recovery will be a breeze while we implement strong security.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Services has allowed us to work away from the office and keep our data stored safe and secured. IT cost has gone down tremendously when moving to the cloud.

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Clear and reliable calling so your team can work seamlessly while in the office and on the road. VoIP features make doing business easy.

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Regularly monitoring your network is the key to stay in business longer. My IT Company, a full managed IT service, covers your entire network as a whole.

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With over 70 years of combined experience between all our staffs. We have seen it all. We can take on any Hardware and Software issues.

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