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Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

In general terms, Cyber Security is protection of your computer network and the parts which are directly connected with internet. Cyber Security provides refuge against unauthorized access to any intrusion with malicious intent. Basically, its job is to maintain the integrity of the files, data, and work saved within the computer network.

Advantages of having Cyber Security:

One can never be too careful. Having cyber security in this day and age is a must, the following are a handful of having a cyber-security in place.

  • You will be extremely confident in the safety of your work and saved data
  • If a breech does occur or the systems are fried or lost due to nay natural or mechanical error, it would be extremely easy to retract data saved in the back up
  • No unauthorized personal would be able to access your computer network, be it external or internal
  • Your business will be protected against any malware, phishing, ransomware, or malicious intents, or any kind of social engineered agenda.

Why is Cyber Security important?

The age that we live in today is called the age of technology. Everything we do from the most menial of jobs to the most lucrative ones, everything is connected to technology, more or less. It is a routine and at times a necessity for companies and government agencies to save data, researches, plans, and reports on their computer networks. The more elaborate your system is and the more people you house, the more you are susceptible for a breech. At this point it is not the question of if, rather when. When the time comes for unwanted intrusion, nothing of yours will be safe. From your saved files to your search history, any and everything can be taken and used against you.

A security breach of any kind or scale can leave you untrustworthy in the eyes of your clients. You will not only lose your current rather any potential future clients.

Myitcompany – your beacon of hope on a dark rainy day:

Myitcompany is an experienced NYC based IT Company, which thrives on getting its clients out of tricky situations. We are much more than a simple and age old repairing agency, we provide you with an experience of a lifetime and prepare you to prevent any future mishaps.

Our services include: Or security detail entails:

  • One of our first steps is to install anti-virus and anti-malware software in your computer network, so you can be safeguarded against any surprises.
  • We thoroughly search and look for any loopholes or possibility of a security breach within your system, as we promise to protect your from external and internal sources.
  • We analyze and assess your systems for any point of exposure or liability, and try our best to rectify it within the given time.
  • We excel and data recovery in record time, and so in a manner which will not become a hurdle while you start with your regular projects.

We at, Myitcompany, are just a call away to secure your premises or to recover any lost data.