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What is Cloud Computing?

So, what is cloud computing? Cloud computing provides computing services such as storage, databases, networking, analytics and much more over the internet. Essentially all your programs are hosted in the Cloud by a cloud provider who skillfully handles your hardware or software needs.

Businesses no longer have to rely on complicated and expensive means to run their many applications. Cloud computing provides a cost effective, efficient and reliable means of hosing your programs and applications so the business can grow and prosper without being held back.

Types of Cloud Services

You might not know it, but you are most likely using cloud services this very instant. Sending emails, playing games, streaming movies and a whole other bunch of stuff you do online is all somehow dependent on cloud services.

Let’s take a look at the three main categories of cloud services.

·        Infrastructure-as-a-Service

IaaS allows your IT infrastructure including hardware, networks, Virtual machines, storage, operating systems etc. to be hosted by a cloud provider.

·        Platform-as-a-Service

PaaS provides users an environment to easily develop, test, and manage applications by taking care of the servers, storage and other underlying necessities.

·        Software-as-a-Service

SaaS provides software applications on the internet. This means that the cloud provider takes care of all the behind the scenes work, including software updates, security patches etc.

Why Go for The Cloud?

So why is cloud computing so popular and why are countless organizations migrating to the cloud?

Let’s see some of its many advantages to find out.

·        Cost Saving

With cloud services, businesses do not need capital dedicated to buying expensive hardware and software. This minimizes overall cost of building and maintaining a data center.

·        Adaptable Applications

Cloud computing creates adaptability in applications and programs while still giving you control over the underlying code.

·        Boosts Productivity

Managing an on-site data center is no easy feat and can take up a lot of time and resources. With cloud services your IT team no longer has to deal with these operations and can focus on achieving other business goals.

·        Reliability and Dependability

Data on the cloud is replicated many times which makes disaster recovery and backup much easier. This means that your applications can be up and running even in the case of a major disaster.

·        High level of Security

Cloud services are protected through better security mechanisms, creating a safer environment for your applications.

Cloud computing has been rapidly gaining popularity since a decade, but today as digital technology reaches new heights of advancement, the cloud has become a necessity for many applications. The mobility and diversity provided by the cloud makes it the ideal service to meet the fast paced, and every changing technological needs of our world.

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